Last test result post of the day. No it’s not from Ideal Farms. This was an expensive test. We sent the same cinex cartridge that was tested by @green_leaf_lab at 88% THC to two other labs. #3Banalytical And #sunriseanalytical. As the PRF and owner of a dispensary this is the kind of stuff that really pisses me off. How can we be required to test our medicine when the labs who are testing have no standardization??? Why aren’t more people angry about this? We spend an astronomical amount on testing. For what??? Growers should be pissed and so should patients. The system is broken and needs to be fixed. Why aren’t we fixing the rules that are in place before we start adding new rules? I know MANY of you out there are frustrated about this too. It’s time to come together and be louder because the state/olcc/oha is not listening. What do you think about this? No haters please. Useless banter doesn’t help or get us any closer to a solution. #omma #ommp

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