Ok, so we all remember the first time. Your palms get a little sweaty, your heart starts to pound, you feel that little rush of excitement; Ding Dong. You hit the doorbell to be greeted at the front door of Oregon’s Finest and are immediately welcomed by our Patient Representative.

Now, the first step in visiting us at Oregon’s Finest is obtaining a card. I’m assuming since you are reading this blog that you already have or are in the process of having your OMMP card. Once you’ve seen a doctor, received your recommendation, and filled out an application, send that sucker out! Pronto! The sooner it’s in the mail, the sooner you’ll receive your card. (Guesstimation is around 30 days; sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.)

Once that beautiful piece of paper is delivered to you, (the card will come attached to a formal piece of cardstock with the same information regarding your card info on both the card and the piece of paper it’s attached to), bring the OMMP card and a piece of formal ID (state issued ID or passport) into Oregon’s Finest, and let your experience with us begin.

Once we’ve created a patient profile for you using your OMMP card and your ID, you’ll be welcomed back to the medicine room to start your one on one visit with one of our trained and knowledgeable Grower Representatives.

If this is your first time with us, your Grower Rep will give you a tour, ask you some questions about what you are searching for, and how we can better help you on your first visit. Visits with us are designed to be a one on one experience too not only better serve your needs as a patient, but to also protect your privacy. It is our goal at Oregon’s Finest to make sure you leave with everything you set out looking for and get all questions answered; whether big or small, so if at any point you do have questions, please feel free to ask.

Attached are links that will help you print your initial application to obtain an OMMP card, as well as a link to our Leafly menu, which stays updated daily.

Getting familiar with our menu is a surefire way to learn all about the strains and products we offer to our patients, and allows you to call ahead if you need to place an order to be put on hold.

We hope to see you soon to start your first visit with us at Oregon’s Finest.