Summer Strains!

A Cannaisseur’s guide to pairing your flowers with some of your favorite summer treats!!

           Lemon Jack, Raspberry Kush, Key Lime Pie, Peaches n’ Cream! To me these names bring to mind thoughts of hot summer days, sitting by the lake watching the boats go by, and swinging from the rope swing to drop fast into a pool of cold clear water! Yay Summer!

         BBQ’s, Movies in the park, long summer drives in the country….sights and smells that remind us of good times, that’s what I think of when I smoke some of these aforementioned strains

   A favorite past time of mine, for many years, has literally been, to pair whatever I happen to be smoking, with something delicious to compliment it. In the fall and winter months, I enjoy a heady Sativa such as Black Betty or Blue Dream by sofresh Farms paired with an espresso macchiato or strong cup of coffee.    The gloom and dreary dark NW days are brightened by the euphoric and uplifting combination of the sativa and the caffeine in the coffee. I also enjoy the strong pungent aroma of Durban Poison, also by sofresh. It pairs well with stinky hard cheese, fruits and cured meats. Perfect for a night by the fire watching GOT.

   But in the Spring and Summer months, with the sun shining bright and the flowers in bloom, I enjoy strains that pair well with crisp salads, fruit pies, warm lazy days and nights by the bonfire.

   Lemon Jack by Nucleus farms, is a potent Sativa with a strong lemony aroma. It has a very uplifting affect and I love it in the morning, with a fresh green smoothie or fruit and coffee. It’s a great strain to start your day.

   Peaches n cream is another go to for me whenever we are lucky enough to have it on our shelves. It evokes feelings of euphoria and happiness and makes me want to sit on a blanket under an oak tree and have a picnic.

             A BBQ is only made that much better when you skip the beer and go for medicated Sodas by Rip City Remedies! We carry regular strength at 75mg and Extra strength at 150mg! Who needs the drunk spins, when you can feel euphoric, alert and present!

   Finally, one of my favorite ways to enjoy cannabis, is with Elbe’s edibles and Drip ice cream.   I happen to have a very high tolerance when it comes to edibles or “medibles” as some people refer to them, but Elbe really knows how to do it up right. She is a baker by trade, and began making medicated treats for a family member years ago and it evolved into a wonderful collection of delicious and highly medicated treats! Marionberry pie, Cherry poppins, Lemon hammered bars, Orange Dreamsicle mini cakes!! Summer favorites for sure! And that’s just to name a few! And delicious medicated Ice cream goes really well with your mom’s apple pie or a fresh fruit tart.

Don’t forget about those evenings by the campfire made ever more enjoyable with the full body relaxing feeling of the fragrant Kings OG by Ideal farms, or Nuken or Violet Delight by sofresh are also excellent selections to enjoy while making smore’s and watching the stars.

Enjoy your cannabis safely and don’t mix it with alcohol and don’t drive while under the influence.  But do eat large amounts of BBQ and pie and soak up that summer sun, it doesn’t last long around here!

Stay Lifted Portland!