By: Sarah,Grower Rep
The dirty little secret about cannabis today is that your grandma may be using it. But she’s not using it to get high. She just wants to feel better. I work in the cannabis industry, and I sell products to people who are looking for alternative pain relief. One of the products that I have come to know and love is a topical pain spray by Apothecanna.

A few months back, I had a terrible cough that wouldn’t quit. I coughed so hard that I broke my own rib. I snapped it real good. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to move. And, it hurt the most when I had to lie down and go to sleep. I used Apothecanna’s Relieving Pain Spray on my broken rib and it instantly numbed the pain so I could lie down. When I’d wake up in the morning, the inflammation was reduced significantly. I was able to sleep through many painful nights because of Apothecanna.

Apothecanna has mastered the art of blending the health benefits of cannabis and essential oils. The result is an impressive line of topical creams, sprays and oils that help people with various muscular and skin problems. They even have a stimulating cream to increase blood circulation, and reduce pain from nerve damage.

If that wasn’t enough to pique your interest, my female friends would be happy to learn that Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Pain Cream relieves the pain from menstrual cramps. I’ve saved many of my female friends from agony by giving them a little to-go lotion. It works wonders!