Since 2012, Oregon’s Finest has been committed to supplying our customers with products that not only meet the state’s strict testing requirements, but exceed the market standard in quality and transparency. Our commitment to the health and wellness of our recreational and medical clientele is absolute and drives everything we do, so it’s an understatement to say we share consumers’ concerns about recent vape-related illnesses and deaths. 

As we wait for more facts to emerge, we are here to answer your questions about the products we carry. Oregon’s Finest does not partner with processors who take shortcuts or use harmful cutting agents or toxic additives, but we want you to hear it straight from the source. We have reached out to all of our cartridge vendors for individual statements regarding their products, which you can find on our website at:

Please contact [email protected] if we can be of service, and rest assured we will continue to go above and beyond to bring you only the finest.

Warm Regards,

The Oregon’s Finest Team