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At Oregon’s Finest, we believe that the finest cannabis deserves an elevated consumption experience. Our team is constantly seeking out the latest, safest, most efficient consumption technology available to complement the quality of the flower on our shelves. This is why we’ve partnered with PAX® to provide our customers with premium vaporizers that we believe in. Cannabis is so much more than just THC, and PAX®’s line of smart devices allows the consumer to have an experience like nothing else.  

 Since 2007 the company, PAX® (formerly Ploom) has been able to intuitively blend technology and cannabis by way of portable vaporizers aimed at producing a high quality, easy to use experience. After a few name changes, PAX Labs® (or PAX® for short) emerged as a premier, award-winning brand nationwide.

At the end of 2017, PAX® released its most reliable product to date: The PAX 3™. For those familiar with the PAX 1™, the PAX 3™ offers the same portability and convenience with significant improvements. In the complete kit, found here, the PAX 3™ comes with a standard oven to vaporize, two lids to vary the size of your session, as well as an attachment for vaporizing concentrates. The kit also comes with the option of flat or raised mouthpieces, multi-tool keychain, three additional oven screens, a USB magnetic charger, a sleek carry bag, and a maintenance kit.

At 4 inches tall, the PAX 3™ is lightweight and has a discreet, functional design.  With efficient functionality featuring pre-programmed and custom temperature control, you can ensure consistency with every session.  With 90 minutes of battery life, each charge provides roughly 8-10 ten-minute sessions, so your device is always ready to use on the move. Conduction oven technology allows even heating temperatures ranging from 360 – 420 F, giving you full control over your experience. The Bluetooth connectivity option allows you access to an app (currently Android only) for precise temperature control for those who want a truly personal experience.

The PAX 3™ changed the way many consumers see cannabis flower. The vapor it produces is bountiful in flavors and compounds, allowing for a complete, complex experience that brings each chemovar to its full potential. When flower is vaporized, the compounds on the buds are heated to their boiling points, releasing an aromatic and therapeutic vapor that delights the senses. 

The PAX 3™ is undoubtedly a staff favorite among Oregon’s Finest team members. At just $199.99 for the device itself and $249.99 for the full kit with accessories, the price point is a seemingly unbeatable comparison to similar, less intuitive models on the market. PAX® also stands behind their products, providing a ten-year warranty on all PAX 3™ devices.  

 The compact quality design, effortless functionality, and its capability to provide a clean, flavorful session makes PAX 3™ worthy of the title “Official Vaporizer of Oregon’s Finest.” The compact quality design, effortless functionality, and its capability to provide clean, flavorful, coupled with their amazing customer service and knowledgeable team, PAX® has quickly set the industry standard in cannabis consumption devices.