By: Chris, Grower Rep at Oregon’s Finest

We’ve all felt it. The cold crisp mornings, which mark the inevitable coming of fall. Along with the damp air, changing leaves, and scarce daylight, comes a whole slew of problems for growers, especially for rookie growers such as myself. When I spotted white junk on some of my fan leaves of my Jilly BeanHybred/Sativa I got paranoid and called upon pro-grower and Oregon’s Finest grower representative, Jake Zapata.

Jake reminded me that I should have looked into what kinds of strains do well with Oregon’s moisture BEFORE I planted, sweated, and tenderly cared for these ladies all summer. A face slap emoji comes to mind.

For a fall outdoor grower Jake recommended these three easy tips:

– Give the plant a shake to get as much water off as possible. The greatest mold danger is when morning dampness turns to high afternoon temperatures, so reducing moisture is the best way to help the plant dry.

– Mildew will spread, so trimming off ashy white leaves will help keep your plant from being overwhelmed.

– Using Neem oil can help kill bugs and work as an antiseptic. Neem oil is a staple of most organic growers.

Since I spoke to Jake, I’ve stepped up my game and Jilly is looking good. Fingers crossed for the coming rain.

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