“The strain is only as good as the grower”

…What does this statement mean?  It means our standards are high, very high.

We offer complete transparency when it comes to our products.  From the flower on our shelves to the edibles in our cooler, Oregon’s Finest requires that all of our vendors and distributors meet the same transparency standards.  If we wouldn’t smoke it, eat it or dab it, then neither should you.

It’s the law that all products and medicine on the shelves or sales floor must contain pertinent info.  Such as all testing result information including date of testing, batch number and testing facility or lab.

I have visited many different dispensaries around town, and so many have either an over sterile, pretentious vibe or it’s way too “bro down the street” full of black light posters and reggae.

There’s nothing wrong with music choices or wanting to provide a medical like environment to your patients,, there are a lot of folks that prefer a more “Pharmaceutical” type environment,  but I’ve just seen so much time and clearly so much money spent on the décor and the display cases, and so little attention really paid to the quality of the medicine.

Too often I see an over abundance of mediocre or very sub–par flower.   Granted priced as low sometimes as $6 a gram, but I feel you’re definitely  getting what you pay for.

Maybe others taste isn’t quite as distinguished as mine….No,  its just that I know good flower from skizzlefritz, and great flower from mediocre.

In Oregon we are well known for the quality of our wine and craft beers, we boast some of the best beef in the country and we are the nationwide leaders in timber production.  You can dine at some of the best restaurants on the west coast  and experience some of the best outdoor  sports and hiking in the country.

At Oregon’s Finest, we know what it means to be just that, the finest in Oregon.  Anytime you step through our doors, you will always be treated with the same standard of kindness , compassion and one on one personal attention that you’d expect anywhere else in any other market.

We want to assist you in enlightening your “cannaknowledge” and improving your health and well being through cannabis.  We will never loose sight of what’s most important to us, and that’s you.

Stay lifted Portland.