What a historic month we’ve had already!!  Of course we expected to legalize cannabis for recreational use, but we also got the pleasure of nationally recognizing same sex marriages in America!  All pretty cool!!   But lets focus on the legalization of Cannabis for recreational use in the state of Oregon, we are so excited to be a part of this historic day!  On July 1st at midnight Oregon’s Finest sent two of its own to represent Ideal Farms and hand out free Rollies to anyone 21yrs of age or older with proof of id for the Burnside Burn!   It was a lot of fun, it was also the first test in checking identification etc.


As the month has entered its first week, there have been no shortage of inquiring phone calls and what seems to be uninformed individuals, that want to know if we are selling Cannabis now that its legal, how old you have to be, can you have someone buy it for you?   It is in fact legal to own, carry, grow, smoke, cook etc.  However no dispensary in the state of Oregon has been permitted to sell cannabis to anyone not in possession of an Oregon Medical Marijuana card.    If you are a Non card holder, you may accept cannabis as a gift from a card holding patient, caregiver or grower, but until October 1st 2015 there will be no where for you to purchase cannabis legally, without an ommp card.


We understand the frustration of this, believe me.  We would love nothing more than to have the ability to provide our distinct and high quality Cannabis to the masses, card or no card.  But until the laws have been set in place, and there is a regulated way of selling Cannabis in a retail market, the answer will continue to unfortunately be no.  But encourage your card holding friends to hook you up, Take a drive to Washington state where it IS legal to buy!  Bring it home, have a party, invite your friends, share the LOVE!!! We hopefully will see all of you recreational users in the fall, come October we hope things will change.


Until then do your best to stay lifted!!