Strain Review: Starkiller

When you first open the bag of Starkiller from Oregon’s Finest, you are struck by the smell of Oregon summer, coming early in the guise of this fine flower. Berry and pine reveal themselves to the nose, the complexities of earth and spice kicking in with the first hit. The resin coated green buds are dotted with purple, a beautiful contrast for the eyes, preparing the user for a mosaic of flavor. A favorite Indica Dominant Hybrid from DogHouse Farms, this strain is a powerful, tasty departure from the usual flower, taking the user on a semi-psychedelic experience with a single bowl.

The first pinch of Starkiller informs you of the soft, moist texture of expertly cured flower; easy to break apart in small sections, while not quite crumbling. Starkiller sticks to the fingers, and lends to a supremely smooth smoking experience. The taste is fruity, piney, and almost unfathomable. Like you are smoking a legend rather than a flower, just as the name suggests. The flavor is weighed with juicy blackberries at their peak- sweet and sour with a little spice kick. A microdoser might stop here, in favor of the subtle relaxation and expansive qualities of this strain. At this stage the soothing body feel combines with a buzzing internal energy.

With further puffs, the relaxation firmly grounds the body, a cool calm taking hold. Earthen flavor profiles becoming more apparent as you burn further, any pain or nausea moved firmly into the background, if not out of sight. A third or fourth puff of fine flower is all even the most experienced user will need, inspiring a pleasant kind of forgetfulness. If your bowl is deep and packed tight, the flower may begin to look rather resinous, but with further exploration still has the same pleasant mouthful of terpenes, smooth down to the last hit. If anything, the flavor and smell is simply becoming more concentrated.

The soft and nuanced quality of this flower makes for a great meditation or yoga aid, revealing vulnerabilities with a striking clarity and helping you soften around them. At the end of your bowl, all pain is in another dimension. The visual effects of this strain enhance the beauty of nature, causing an intense connection to the life around you; the overlapping patterns of leaf and shadow seeming especially significant. Starkiller quiets the body without the couchlock, the torpid relaxation at higher levels belied by a percolating internal energy. For some this can help everything connect together and expose the layers of your creativity.

Continuing to consume lends to a heavy relaxation that can impede focus, but is no less pleasant. I recommend this level of elevation for sunbathing (with a timer!) or taking a walk. Be advised, this strain will give you the munchies and can dry the mouth, so bring along some liquid and a few choice snacks if you are going anywhere. Users may notice a decrease in pressure around the eyes, lending to interesting patterns and colors; wiggles in the vision and patterns of overlapping dots.

The fullest expression of Starkiller is characterized by a leaping, intuitive frame of mind connected to a tranquil, rooted body. It can be distracting for focus work, but is great for brainstorming and creativity. Starkiller expands the imagination and presence of the user, bringing you to a soft peak of cannabis experience. With further use, falling in love is inevitable, each pinch bolstering the beauty of small things. Even household chores become amusing, with a subtle playfulness. Use this strain to bring some pain-free peace to any day, soothing the soul whether the Portland weather is sunny or cloudy. Oregon’s Finest Dispensary has truly hit the mark with this great strain from DogHouse Farms.