Some tips on how to enjoy Cannabis legally and respectfully in Oregon.


Ten years ago, walking into a medical marijuana dispensary was difficult if not impossible, these days it’s much easier, however there are still legal hoops to jump through and licensing to obtain. Soon it will be legal! Actually legal! To Carry, own, smoke, grow and do just about whatever else you want to do with it! However, in order for us to continue to be allowed to smoke, own enjoy our legal Cannabis, we need to remember to do it respectfully and to keep it classy…here are a few tips to help steer you in the right direction.

First things first…the law says we have to keep it inside. That means in your home or on your property. It is still illegal to smoke cannabis in public. Nothing changes there, its always been the understanding, however we know that we take it outside. To the park, to the woods, to the beach, on road trips and sometimes…while walking around town. Now, no one likes having cigarette smoke blown in their face while trying to enjoy some fresh air so we cannabis smokers need to remember to show everyone the same courtesy. Apartment living in Portland is prevalent, a lot of us live within very close proximity of our neighbors, and not everyone is Cannabis friendly. And although we will soon begin to smell the sweet sweet sinsemilla wafting through the air, we still need to be courteous of those living on either side or above us, Smoke travels upward remember. Apartment exhaust fans like those found in the bathroom or kitchen often draw air from one unit to another and can assist in carrying your cannabis fragrance throughout your neighbors’ apartment. It wont “get them high” but it may be an un-welcomed aroma for those not part of the “we love Cannabis club”.

We live in a classy city, and no matter what burb or hood you call home, enjoy your Cannabis and your new found freedom with respect and dignity and remember to keep it classy.