Dirty Hippie, Stoner, burnout….how do we change this stigma?
We don’t refer to everyone that enjoys a glass of wine or a beer or a cocktail, a “drunk, a lush, or a wasteoid” (cir. 1985).
Because alcohol is legal it simply doesn’t carry the same Stigma as Cannabis….well the times they are a changing, and July will soon be upon us.
Although we don’t know what to expect just yet when it comes to buying and selling cannabis in a legal retail market, we do know that a lot of you do not what to be judged by friends and family or the public for choosing to indulge in one of Oregon’s finer agricultural vices.
To pass judgement on anyone’s lifestyle choice is wrong we all know that, but these days cannabis users are not just teenagers and lazy 20-30 somethings’ still living at home with mom and dad…They’re top earning professionals, they’re Doctors and Lawyers, teachers and personal trainers. Law enforcement officials and healthcare providers. From patients trying to manage chronic pain, children and adults relieving the pain and trauma associated with seizures or cancer, to service professionals trying to relieve stress after a 12 hour shift, who would rather do so without alcohol or other vices.
None of the aforementioned are “dirty hippies, burnouts, druggies or losers stuck in their teens. The little old lady that comes to OF for medicine to relive her chronic pain doesn’t want to be referred to as such…shes just chosen a much safer and much more effective option to the conventional medicines that her regular physicians had her on.
In order for us to embrace the legalization of Cannabis in a positive way we need to work together to change the negative stigma placed upon those who enjoy a joint now and then. And remember not to pass judgement on someone who has chosen to avoid conventional, costly and often times poisonous prescription medications.
From relieving stress, managing pain and anxiety, to shrinking tumors and cancer cells, inducing appetite, preventing seizures etc….Cannabis has always been known to be a miracle plant. Lets expand our knowledge, do the research and help us to end the Hippie Stigma and embrace the future with open arms!