Tips for enjoying your summer vacation and staying medicated.


Summer vacation season is fast approaching and folks are making plans to fly, drive, and sail away into the sunset for a little well earned rest and relaxation.

Don’t forget your Meds; this means your cannabis, your edibles, your tinctures!! Can you survive 5-10 days without it? This is a good question to ask yourself before embarking on your travels this season.

Although it is perfectly legal for you as an OMMP cardholder to carry your allotted amount of cannabis on your person at any given time, it is not legal for you to have said medicine in a state that do not allow the legal consumption of medical or recreational cannabis.   Sounds tricky, right?

This should only become an issue however if you are caught breaking a different law in the state where you happen to be vacationing.

So, word to the wise, conduct yourself accordingly and you should have no issues.

Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Michigan, Nevada, New York and Washington, are just a few states that allow the consumption of medical or recreational cannabis, however, please do your research for the state you are going to visit. Many States are still medical only and will require you to obtain a medical cannabis card for their state in order to possess or consume your medicine legally.

Recently, one of our staff members traveled to Hawaii for vacation. She did her research regarding how much she could travel with, packed it properly in vacuum sealed, air-tight container, and did not try to conceal it in anyway. She was not met with any issue upon leaving Oregon but was concerned when transferring to her next flight during the layover. Luckily, having to go though a completely different security screening… problems. Either it wasn’t an issue or their laws support the possession of cannabis in some way.

The truth is, at this point across the country, if it’s not legal, its damn close. Doesn’t mean that you have the right to carry and consume in every state….so do yourself a favor. Travel light, package well, and accept the fact that you may very well lose that medication if you are caught with it in an unsupportive state. Be aware too of traveling abroad or across any international waters. It is not ok to travel outside of the country with your meds. Keep it in the good ol’ US of A.

Vacation wisely and Stay lifted!