Valentine’s Day is over, so you know what holiday directly follows….? National Candy goes on Sale Week! This happens to be one of my favorite holidays because I fancy a nice piece of chocolatey good-ness now and then, and if it’s shaped like a heart, I’m not mad about it.

The week of candy sales shot my brain into immediate thoughts about all the delicious candy that is available in stores; Skittles, Reeses, 100 Grand, Laffy Taffy, need I continue? But, do you know what makes me even happier than non-medicated candy? (I bet you can guess). Medicated candy!

At Oregon’s Finest, we are lucky enough to provide a huge selection of medicated edibles (medibles as they are sometimes referred to as) to our patients. We have everything from cakes, chocolates, sour candy, caramels, gummies, and even concentrated edibles like a tincture.

When choosing an edible, it’s best to start slow. It’s seen that an ideal dose using medicated edibles is anywhere from 10-25milligrams of THC. This gives you the muscle relaxation, along with the euphoric giggles, without feeling as though the world is ending and you need a bed (preferably with 100 pillows), immediately. We recommend to patients to again, start slow when experimenting with medibles. YOU CAN ALWAYS EAT MORE; YOU CAN NEVER EAT LESS.

Because the medible is being ingested as opposed to inhaled, keep in mind that a dose that works for one patient, may not always work the same for another based on your size, diet, symptoms, and frequency of cannabis use. An edible high can last anywhere from three to six hours, or longer, so we do recommend experimenting when you have large amount of time to do nothing, just in case a nap is needed. Edibles have been seen to replace the use of pharmaceutical drugs in some patients, and these dosages can range up in the hundreds of milligrams of THC per dosage. ( Just a cool sidenote)..

I’d like to highlight just a few of the favorite edibles we see patients continually coming back for at Oregon’s Finest.

As a precaution, Oregon’s Finest would also like to recommend that patients follow the 10 Commandments of Edibles. This can be found at the site provided. I did not write these myself, however, I find them EXTREMELY valuable, (thanks, High Times Magazine).

QI Chocolates– 80mg- These chocolates are perfect for a lite to moderate medible user. They come in multiple flavors, easy to cut into pieces to help dose out smaller amounts, and leave little to no medicinal aftertaste.







Sour Bhotz– 150mg/ per 2 Bhotz- Two little sour robot figures that are 75mg a piece. The Bhotz come in 8 different flavors, are infused with high-quality BHO concentrate, and are perfect for patients who need dosage amounts to be HIGHLY consistent. Does leave a slight medicinal aftertaste and are very strong due to the BHO, so are Bhotz are recommended for moderate to heavy medible users.








QI Suckers (THC and CBD)– 20mg of THC or 20mg of CBD- These suckers are fantastic for patients who are just starting out with edibles, or who need a low-dose to take the edge off, without the feeling of heavy couch-lock. They work almost instantly due to the sublingual (under the tongue) administration, and last for only about an hour. The sucker comes in a variety of flavors and leave little to no medicinal aftertaste.







Sweet Green Grass Cookies – 160mg-220mg- These small cookies come in a pack of 4 per bottle and carry quite a potent punch. They are recommended for the moderate to heavy medible users. The flavors are delicious, leaving slight medicinal aftertaste. Sweet Green Grass provides wheat and dairy free options as well as Vegan.








Danodan Caramels-56mg per caramel- These caramels come in packs of 6 and are great for patients who are lite to moderate users. These caramels are gluten free, kosher, and use all organic products. The caramels are easy to cut into pieces to help control dosage.